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MIUI 11 Will Cut Down on Ads, Remove Vulgar Ads: Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun


MIUI 11 may bring about a major change in policy. Xiaomi has carved a solid reputation for offering great smartphones at an affordable price, but the MIUI user experience has drawn a considerable amount of criticism, thanks in no part to ads. But that might change with the next major iteration of Xiaomi’s custom Android ROM – MIUI 11. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has revealed that the company will cut down on ads in MIUI that impact the user experience and will also remove vulgar ads that pop up every now and then. In addition to removing the ads, the MIUI team has also revealed that MIUI 11 will bring features like voice call recording within the QQ app, a local recycle bin, and more.

Jun said via a Weibo post that he held discussions with developers in order to address users’ grievances associated with MIUI. In the comments section of the same post, the Xiaomi chief added that the company will get rid of the pesky ads that mar the user experience. He also mentioned vulgar ads, indicating that they will also be taken care of soon.

In a separate Weibo post, Xiaomi’s Product Director Wang Teng Thomas reiterated Jun’s commitment towards tackling ads in MIUI. We came across ads, and a few vulgar ones too, while using some of the in-house apps and on the confirmation screen while downloading other apps in our Redmi Note 7 Pro review. Xiaomi’s ad-reduction steps will most likely be implemented in MIUI 11.

Separately, the MIUI team revealed a host of other MIUI 11 features in a post on Monday, and has asked users in China to vote for three of them whose development should be prioritised. The features in the pipeline for MIUI 11 include support for voice call recording in QQ app, a local recycle bin that will store files deleted by users for three days before erasing them permanently, and a magnification shortcut to let users quickly zoom in text or images to name a few.

Xiaomi recently revealed that MIUI 11 will come with a new monochrome power saving mode for saving battery juice, which might arrive as Super Power Saving Mode. This mode will reportedly change the UI to a black and white colour scheme and will shut down all features except telephony and messaging. New iconography and UI design are also in the pipeline, in addition to features such as automatic screenshot deletion post sharing, transition animations, and status bar optimisations among others.