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Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard Now Available for iPhone


Microsoft introduced its Word Flow Keyboard app back in 2014 with Windows Phone 8.1 and was initially limited Windows Phone platform. The company was however rumoured to be testing the Word Flow Keyboard app for iPhones, and earlier this month, Microsoft made the app available for testers on iOS.

Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard is now available to download for all users via App Store. The keyboard app from Microsoft brings new features such as custom backgrounds and one-handed Arc mode for iPhone users.

The biggest highlight of the Word Flow Keyboard app is its Arc mode that helps users for one-handed typing and switches the keyboard UI into circular layout in corner of the screen for easy access. The Arc mode can be enabled by pulling the Arc icon in the top right or top left corner of the keyboard to adjust for right-handed or left-handed Arc modes. The app listing says that the Word Flow on iOS is optimised for iPhone, and supports English language only.

For personalisation, the Word Flow app will allow users to customise background using one of the images included in the app, or an image from the gallery. Microsoft says, “All the images included with the app are free and we’ll keep adding new ones.”

Some of the other features of the Word Flow include predictions that predict words while users type a word and also suggests the next word in sentence, and with access to Contacts, Word Flow can predict the names of contacts while sending messages or mails.

The company on its Support page says that the Word Flow for iOS is an experimental keyboard app, and is currently only available in English in the US.

The Word Flow is Microsoft’s Garage project product much like the recently released Hub Keyboard app for Apple’s iOS platform.