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Microsoft teases a new Surface Book hinge on Instagram


Microsoft can be credited with slightly shaking up the tech world when they introduced the Surface Book. Suddenly, here was a device that could physically switch between integrated graphics and discrete graphics at the press of a button.

The Surface Book itself was remarkable for its design and features, some going so far as to call it a hybrid that actually replaces your laptop. Other than the price, the only real criticism the Surface Book faced was concerning its hinge.


Owing to the hinge’s design, it would never close completely, leaving a noticeable gap. This was an artefact of the technology used to make the Book a hybrid device, but some considered it unsightly.

Microsoft has, however, recently posted an image on Instagram that hints at a brand new Surface device with a completely redesigned hinge. We don’t know if this one will close flat, but we suspect it will.


Windows Central reports that the image is from an internal ‘sizzler-reel’ that’s been doing the rounds at Microsoft. That reel is apparently a compilation of ideas for the Surface Book 2. They also add that Microsoft prototypes are “usually” black, so we’re not necessarily going to see a black Surface Book 2.

Other rumours also hint at a Microsoft event in October this year, where we can expect to see Surface All-in-Ones (AiO), the Surface Book 2 and just maybe, a new Surface Pro model.