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Microsoft, Razer Working on Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse Support


The Xbox One will soon have keyboard and mouse support, according to multiple reports. Microsoft has been promising it for years, and it finally took the next step at a developer presentation earlier this year.

According to a report by Windows Central, Microsoft has partnered with Razer to enable its Chroma RBG lighting support in Xbox One games. This will allow players to have a variety of colours light up on the keyboard, and even provide visual cues in games such as Overwatch, where knowing ability cooldowns can be helpful.

Microsoft started speaking to developers earlier this year at the annual Xfest event, and The Verge has confirmed that a partnership between Microsoft and Razer exists. The latter will allow game developers to tap into its API to make use of Chroma RBG lighting, The Verge adds, and that it’s expected to reach users with Microsoft’s autumn update for the Xbox One.

Since gamers are bound to be concerned about how keyboard and mouse support will impact competitive multiplayer, Microsoft says developers will be able to detect whether a keyboard/ mouse is connected and then restrict them accordingly. Windows Central says Microsoft is suggesting developers to have separate matchmaking lists for the two groups but is encouraging them to see how keyboard-mouse players compete against controller players, and tweak accordingly.

Microsoft is also working on a new API that will allow game developers to detect and block accessories that mimic controller inputs. And lastly, the Xbox One will get support for all kinds of USB mice, including those with wireless dongles, but excluding those that rely on Bluetooth or need custom drivers.