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Microsoft could release foldable Andromeda smartphone in 2019


A book by Journalist Brad Sams reveals that Microsoft is indeed working on a foldable device which can become a smartphone and also act as a tablet, similar to the recently showcased Samsung Galaxy F foldable smartphone.

Looks like Microsoft is joining the race for foldable devices which act as both smartphones and tablets. According to reports, a book named ‘Beneath a Surface’ written by Journalist Brad Sams reveals details about Microsoft’s rumoured Andromeda foldable phone. Last we heard of the mysterious Andromeda foldable device was in July, when reports hinted that Microsoft may have cancelled the project.

Now, as per the book which describes the journey of Microsoft’s Surface hardware from inception to a $1-billion-per-year business, the Redmond-based tech giant will be releasing a smartphone/tablet Andromeda hybrid in 2019. The Surface-class device will apparently fold into half to become a phone and fold out to provide the functionality of a tablet. It will reportedly not run on the dead Windows phone OS, but will be a full-fledged Windows device with some small changes.

The long rumoured ‘Andromeda’ device was also previously tipped to use a stylus. The company is reportedly experimenting with ARM processors, but it’s still not clear if the company would use Intel or Qualcomm processors inside the final device.

The book further reveals that Microsoft will release new Xbox One devices and Surface laptops with AMD chips instead of Intel in 2019. A new iPad Pro competitor is also tipped to come from Microsoft and the device is said to feature a USB Type-C port, thin bezels and rounded corners. This device is said to release at the end of 2019. Lastly, there is also a mention of what could be a Surface smart speaker. According to the book, the device “is designed to help deal with some of the common frustrations of using a smartphone.”