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Microsoft Brings Improvements to Windows 10 Mail and Calendar for Gmail Users


Microsoft recently announced that it has started rolling out new features to its Windows 10 Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 10 for Gmail users. The company has promised that the new Windows 10 and Calendar apps will start rolling out over the next few weeks to users under Windows Insider Preview programme, and will be rolled out to all Windows 10 users.

The Redmond giant is bringing features like easily tracking travel and shipping deliveries, more actionable emails, easily tracking sports events, faster search, and more for Gmail users. Notably, Microsoft had rolled out a similar update earlier for its Outlook.com accounts.

“We’re now excited to bring these features to our users with Gmail accounts, so you can enjoy the best of what Windows 10 Mail & Calendar have to offer,” said Vivek Kumar, Product Marketing Manager, Windows 10 Mail and Calendar apps in a blog post.

For Windows 10 Mail app, Microsoft will introduce Focused Inbox for Gmail accounts that essentially segregates mails in two folders – Focused and Others. The Focused section will include all the important mails, while the Others section will house all the not-so-important mails like newsletters, brand discount announcements etc. This is similar to Gmail’s methods of segregation into Primary, Social, and Promotions sections in its mail service.

Kumar explained that the new features will be made available to Mail and Calendar users who part of Windows Insider program though adds that “not all Insiders will see the new experience on their Gmail account right away.” The update will be gradual and should be available in next few weeks.

“You’ll know the new experience is available for your account when you are prompted to update your Gmail account settings. If you miss the first prompt, we will remind you again in a few weeks,” added Kumar.