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Meet the World’s First Smart Shirt, by Arrow


Technology is seeing advancements at a rapid pace. From smartphones to smartwatches, developers are finding new and innovative ways to bring technology to consumers. Following this trend, Arrow, one of the world’s leading clothing brands, has launched the world’s first smart shirt.

The Smart Shirt from Arrow is a shirt that connects to your smartphone. The Smart Shirt allows users to access various features on their smartphones by tapping their sleeves.

To connect the Smart Shirt to the smartphone, users will have to download the Arrow mobile app, which is available for Android smartphones. The app communicates with the shirt via an NFC chip present on the cuff of the shirt.

Say you are meeting a business contact and want to share your details with them. Just tap the sleeve and you can share your business card or your LinkedIn profile. Using your phone or headphones to control the music is so 2015. With the Arrow Smart Shirt, just tap the cuff and the music instantly starts playing. It’s not magic, it’s technology!

Launch your favourite app as you wait for your meeting to begin? Tap, and it’s done. All one needs to do is to turn on NFC on the phone, tap the cuff using the exclusive Arrow mobile app on the phone, and after a simple programming of the chip on the cuff of the shirt, the user would be ready to perform all these functions, and more.

Finally, a shirt that has a use beyond just looking good. But the “looking good” part hasn’t been forgotten either. As much as it is a smart wear, the shirt is also designed for style and fit. The Arrow Smart Shirt is made with 100 percent cotton and is easily washable, iron friendly as well.

Can’t wait to get your hands on the Arrow Smart Shirt? It can be yours for Rs. 2,999 – just head to your nearest Arrow outlet, or log on to Amazon India and NNNow.