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Meet Spero, India’s first crowdfunded e-bike


India’s first crowdfunded e-bike, the Spero is now up for pre-order. The bike is available in three different models and is available on Fueladream.com priced between, Rs. 29,900 and Rs. 50,900. Those interested might want to pre-order the bike now as this is 40% lower than its market price. The base model of the Spero is capable of a range of 30km on a single charge, while the other two models have a range of 60km and 100km respectively. The battery used by the bike is sourced from Samsung and it is claimed that the battery charges from 20% to 80% in four hours. Further, the battery can also be charged via pedalling. The Spero has five gears in electric mode and features a cruise control feature that allows the user to lock the maximum speed of the bike.

The Spero E-bike is designed by Coimbatore based MBA graduate, Manikandan, who has been working on this project for three years. He states, “The experience I gained through years in the factory has given me the ability to innovate this cycle to perfection. The other thing that working within the manufacturing has given me the knowledge and expertise with handling machinery and sourcing materials that work best with this e-bike. Finally, all these things together have helped me to build a strong and reliable e-bike at affordable prices without having to compromise on quality.”

The Spero uses a frame that is similar to the one used on standard bicycles. This done to ensure that buyers would be able to easily get replacement tires, or add extra features such as bike locks, bike racks and more. The Spero E-bike has already raised Rs. 9.5 lakhs and is currently the highest funded campaign on Fueladream.com.