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LG outs plans for entire K-Series smartphone lineup


With cheaper processors becoming faster and more than enough for performing day-to-day tasks, more and more mid-range smartphones are starting to appeal to consumers. Like Samsung, LG seeks to unify all its mid-rangers with a recognizable branding.

While the top of the mid-range offering, the K7 and K10, were revealed at CES last week, LG also has plans to make a K8, K7, K5, and K4. LG’s tagline for its K-Series of smartphones is “Find Your Own Style”.

Perhaps not every K-Series smartphone will be available in one particular market, but there is a variety to choose from that will surely find a market to cater to. LG’s growth has been leveling off lately and this is really LG’s chance to take market share from Samsung in the mid to lower-range markets.

Here is LG’s post from Facebook:

As part of LG’s new affordable mid-range smartphone series, the K10 and K7 stand out both in design and camera features. The glossy pebble design complemented with intricate woven back patterns provide a better grip and unique features including the ‘gesture interval shot’ and ‘tap and shot’ will bring a hassle-free selfie experience to those in use.

LG looks to be targeting the younger crowd with its mid-rangers particularly mentioning the rear texture design for making a statement, and features that can enhance the selfie experience.

LG’s new K-Series phones are quite nice to look at, if you haven’t already, check out our K10 and K7 hands-on posts.