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LG G5 Lite spotted online; packs in a Snapdragon 652 chipset and 16MP camera


LG certainly managed to impress everyone with its modular LG G5 smartphone recently at MWC 2016. The smartphone featured a number of components (called LG Friends) that could easily be swapped to improve the features or capabilities of the device. However, TENAA a Chinese telecommunications certification authority, has come across another model of the LG G5. The smartphone has been tagged as the LG G5 Lite and no, it’s not a variant of the flagship, but is a different model altogether.

The model that reached the certification authority is called the LG H868. As reported by 9to5Google, the handset looks very similar to the flagship LG G5 and even includes some of its best bits, but goes easy on the internals.

When talking about the LG G5, its best bits would indeed be the camera and its modular hardware. Surprisingly, the LG G5 Lite version gets both. You have the 16MP + 8MP rear camera setup and looking at the images, one can also tell that the swappable, modular functionality is also available. So where does LG cut down on costs for the Lite model? Well, that would be in the processor. The LG G5 Lite packs in a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 instead of the Snapdragon 820 in the flagship, but also cuts down on RAM to 3GB from 4GB.

For now, that’s all we can tell you. The new Snapdragon 652 SoC that will also come inside the Vivo XPlay 5 also supports 4K video and packs in an Adreno 510 GPU. So it’s no slouch. For now all eyes are on LG as the Korean electronics giant will be launching its LG G5 smartphone worldwide come 31 March and is expected to reach India in Q2 2016.