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Inbox by Gmail Update Brings Improved Email Notifications and More


Google’s email client Inbox by Gmail has been updated with improved notifications from Trello and GitHub, apart from adding the ability to attach Drive links, and other changes requested by users. The updates are rolling out to the Web interface and mobile apps.

With the update to Inbox by Gmail, you will get a summary of all the latest changes on your projects from the project management application Trello projects, as well as summary of code changes and filed issues for each repository in case from the software collaboration platform GitHub, inside the email client.

These improvements to email notifications will not be limited to just Trello and GitHub, Google said in a blog post, and the search giant is asking other companies that send regular emails to their users to contact it for a future integration.

Inbox by Gmail has not got an improved way to view Google Alerts, allowing users to browse through them as they would with a newsletter. All the new alerts are summarised and you can either choose to read more or mark them as done.

Google has also added several other features to Inbox by Gmail with the update, features that were requested through user feedback. These features include the capability to insert Google Drive links into emails, checking and fixing permissions for these links, and ability to save email attachments to Drive, as mentioned by the search giant in its blog.

With the Inbox by Gmail update, you also get the ability to drag-and-drop contacts between To, Cc, and Bcc in compose section of the Web interface. Further, you can now delete emails right from the inbox.

In April, the email client was updated to add ‘Save to Inbox’ feature that worked just like the Pocket app where you get the ability to save web links to articles or other content that you might want to revisit later.