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Huawei Spotted Building 20W SuperCharge Fast Charging Tech That Could Feature on Its 2019 Models


Huawei is reportedly working on a new 20W SuperCharge protocol that could debut next year. The new protocol is expected to enable a fast-charging experience on future mid to high-end Huawei phones in 2019. This will sit alongside the 40W SuperCharge protocol that featured on the premium Mate 20 Pro ₹ 69,990 and Honor Magic 2 earlier this year. With the new protocol, the Chinese company could make the competition tougher for companies such as Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, and Samsung that all are offering their native fast charging support.

As per a leaked document shared by ChargerLAB, the new 20W SuperCharge protocol by Huawei will use half the amperage of the SuperCharge Gen. 2 that featured on the Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, and the Honor Magic 2. This means that instead of supporting 10V/4A combination that came with the existing technology, the next-generation SuperCharge protocol will have 10V/2A to deliver 20W power. The new standard is also expected to work with a USB Type-C interface.

However, unlike the 40W SuperCharge technology that has so far been featured on flagship Mate 20 models as well as the Honor Magic 2, the 20W protocol is speculated for mid to high-end models next year. It is, thus safe to presume that the new technology will be featured on the Huawei P30. But the superior, Huawei P30 Pro is likely to come with the 40W SuperCharge technology.

The arrival of the 20W SuperCharge technology will help Huawei bring an advanced fast-charging experience to a list of 2019 models. Also, it could make the competition tougher for the existing fast charging standards.