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Huawei launches VR headset in China along with its P9 series phones


Huawei has launched its first VR headset called Huawei VR, alongside the launch of its flagship P9 and P9 Plus smartphones in China. The price of the VR headset has not been announced yet, but in terms of looks it clearly resembles Samsung’s GearVR.

According to Engadget, the Huawei VR will be the first VR headset to be offering 360-degree soundfield on the go. It will work with the Huawei P9, P9 Plus and Mate 8 phones for now. The headset does not support prescription glasses, but you can adjust the lenses to accommodate myopia down to -7.00.

Huawei VR provides a 95-degree field of view as compared to the Samsung GearVR which provides 96-degrees and HTC Vive which provides 110-degrees.

Huawei is offering up to 4000 free movies, most of which will be in 2D; over 40 free games; 350 panoramic images and around 150 panoramic tours.

As of now, the Huawei VR is only meant for the Chinese market. There have been no details about availability of the price.