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Hike Sticker Chat App Launched for Android, iOS, Offers 30,000 Stickers in Over 40 Indian Languages


Hike has introduced a new Sticker Chat app that looks to offer users a sticker-centric chat experience. The chat app comes with an expansive sticker store, sticker suggestions, and uses AI and machine learning for sticker recommendation for the text you type. Other notable features include quick reply, moments, and swipe to reply. The Sticker Chat app has over 30,000 stickers available in over 40 Indian languages and dialects. It expects to have over 100,000 stickers across languages by the end of the year.

The Hike Sticker Chat app is available as a free download from Play Store and App Store both. The app puts stickers front and centre, and has a dedicated tab for the sticker store. Users can browse through the store, and find relatable sticker packs. The ones that are being highlighted currently include Elections 2019, Cricket Fever, and more. Even while chatting, the sticker button is right next to the emoji option, and is emphasised in blue to catch the user’s attention. The sticker button will lay out all your downloaded stickers for you to choose and chat with. There’s no option to download a single sticker, and you will have to download the entire pack for now.

The Hike Sticker Chat app comes with sticker suggestions that lets you easily discover the right sticker while chatting. There’s also a quick reply option that lets you tap on any sticker you send or receive to quickly reply or follow up with a relevant sticker. The text to sticker feature is also neat as it suggests stickers to the words you type in real-time. You can swipe on a message to reply to it quickly and easily. Moments feature highlights of all your past memories and allow you to re-share them. There’s also a star message feature that lets you save an important message and go back to it later.

“We’re really excited to launch Hike Sticker Chat, a new and an incredibly personalized way for young Indians to express themselves with their close friends. Stickers are at the center of Hike Sticker Chat and are built with Machine Learning at its core. The app seamlessly tailors itself around each user’s tastes to make communication really simple and expressive by bringing you the right sticker at the right time” said, Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder & CEO, Hike.