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Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle confirmed

Harley-Davidson-electric-motorcycleHarley-Davidson has confirmed that it will mass produce an electric motorcycle.

Reports cite Mr. Bill Davidson, great-grandson of Harley Davidson’s founder William Davidson, and Vice President of the Harley-Davidson Museum who said last week that the electric motorcycle project has been progressing well.


A launch timeline has not been defined but of the 100 new motorcycles slated for a launch by 2027, at least one is expected to be an EV. Harley Davidson is not exactly new to the idea of electric two-wheelers. The Project Livewire showcased in June 2014 being their first electric motorcycle. The bike was the most interesting departure from Harley Davidson’s more than a century old heritage of internal combustion engines.

The bike had an output of around 74 hp and 70 Nm from a battery which is expected to have a rating of 7 kWh with a range of around 75 km.

Mr. Davidson also added that while the bike may not have the signature Harley-Davidson exhaust note, the electric motorcycle will have a unique auditory output, much like a jet fighter. He could not confirm if there would be a Harley electric motorcycle series.