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Gulkand Mousse


Holi always calls for some succulent desserts. While Gujiyas and malpuas continue to remain our favourite, trying something different does no harm. So, we bring you this Gulkand Mousse recipe that you cannot afford to miss on. This dessert is an amalgamation of the thandai beverage and creamy mousse. It can be easily prepared at home using minimum ingredients. All you need is some fresh cream, thandai, condensed milk and gulkand. Gulkand is a sweet preserve which is extracted from the rose petals. It adds a great flavour to the mousse and is the reason behind its amazing taste.

500 ml fresh cream
70 gm gulkand
150 ml milk
2 tablespoon thandai powder
100 ml condensed milk
1 tablespoon chopped pistachios

Step 1
To make this delicious mousse, first, prepare the thandai. Add the milk and the thandai powder in the mixer and churn them together. Transfer the thandai in a glass.

Step 2
Next, take a large bowl and add the condensed milk, thandai and cream to it. Whisk them together to form a smooth mixture.

Step 3
Pour this mixture in small shot glasses and garnish it with gulkand and chopped pistachios.

Step 4
Now, place these shot glasses in the refrigerator and let it cool down for an hour. Then, take the mousse out and serve.