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Grilled Mango-Nutella Sandwich


Grilled Mango-Nutella Open Faced Sandwich is an amazing breakfast recipe prepared with whole wheat bread slices, mango, nutella and a little butter, and is truly delectable. This sandwich recipe is a perfect snack for parties and picnics. If you have a kids’ party coming up and are not able to decide on the menu, try making this amazingly delicious sandwich that kids will finish in no time. Crunchy and juicy, this kids recipe has a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavours.

2 slices whole wheat bread
2 tablespoon butter

For Garnishing:
2 tablespoon colorful sprinkles

For The Main Dish:
2 tablespoon nutella

Step 1
Cut round slices of whole wheat bread using a cookie cutter and apply butter on them. (Note: If you do not have a cookie cutter at home, you can still make round slices of bread. Use a steel glass and place it on the bread, press a little and cut the corners of the bread.) After making round bread slices, peel the mango and dice it in a small bowl. Keep aside till required.

Step 2
Now take these round sliced bread pieces and grill until light brown. When the slices are grilled, place them onto a plate and spread nutella on one side of the bread.

Step 3
Top the nutella spread bread slice with diced mango and add some colourful sprinklers. Serve warm and enjoy.