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Grilled Chocolate Sandwich


Chocolates and Sandwiches are loved by everyone, and how would you react when we tell you that you could combine both of them in one dish? Well, the dreams do come true, and here is a sandwich that will make you drool over it for sure! Grilled Chocolate Sandwich is part of the American cuisine and is filled with melted chocolate and bananas.

3/4 cup chopped dark chocolate
1/2 cup heavy cream
2 teaspoon sugar
8 bread slices
2 banana
1/2 cup chocolate chips
3 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoon butter

Step 1
To prepare this amazing sandwich recipe, put a pan over low flame and let it heat. Next, put cocoa powder, heavy cream, sugar and salt in it. Stir and mix well until combined for about 2-3minutes. This will give the mixture a thick and smooth consistency.

Step 2
Now, put another pan over low to medium flame and put chocolate chips along with dark chocolate in it.

Step 3
Take the cooled cream mixture prepared earlier and pour it into the melting chocolate. Stir to mix well and let the chocolate melt completely, and let it cool.

Step 4
Now, take the bread slices and spread the chocolate mix on one half of the slice. Spread butter on the other half. Make sure to place the slice coated with butter on top. Spread some butter on the outside of the bread slices as well.

Step 5
Then, peel the banana and cut thin round slices of it. Place on the chocolate side of the bread and sandwich it with the butter one.

Step 6
Put a grill pan over medium flame and let it heat up. Put the sandwiches in the pan and grill them until they turn golden brown in colour. Your Grilled Chocolate Sandwiches are ready to be served. (Note: Make sure that the chocolate has melted.)