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Google’s Play Store and millions of Android apps might be coming to ChromeOS


Google’s ChromeOS is only vaguely related to Android and Google has always insisted that the two will remain as separate platforms. That hasn’t stopped people from hoping for a merger of the platforms, however. Reddit user, TheWiseYoda claims to have found references to Android Apps on the developer channel of Chrome on ChromeOS.

Android Central reports that multiple references to a ChromeOS and Play Store integration were also spotted in the Chrome Settings dialogue. Is the Play Store actually coming to ChromeOS? Will Android Apps finally work on ChromeOS? In that regard, your guess is as good as ours.

All of this is just rumours and speculation for now, but with Google I/O just a month away, hopes are high. Rather than Android Apps running on ChromeOS, we would expect a separate store of sorts dedicated to ChromeOS to be a more reasonable assumption. Is this the end of the Chrome Web Store? As mentioned earlier, your guess is as good as ours.

ChromeOS was conceived in 2009 and later released in 2011. The OS is essentially a browser masquerading as an operating system and features a few native apps such as a music player and file manager.