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Google Science Journal for Android Helps Kids Conduct Experiments


Google has launched an app called Science Journal for Android, and it is available via Google Play. The app is aimed at letting users conduct experiments, by gathering light, sound, and other data from the smartphone. There is no word on availability for the Apple ecosystem.

It basically lets you conduct all the basic experiments for a desired project on your smartphone. The app is aimed at kids, in order to encourage them to indulge in science projects more. It basically lets you record data in real-time like amount of light indoors vs outdoors, speed of a vehicle, and even speed of light.

Furthermore, the app even lets you store all the data into graphs and charts for better understanding of the research, and deriving the final conclusion. The Science Journal app has a simple interface, with easy-to-understand navigation buttons. There is a voice note-taking feature that allows you to take speech notes on-the-go. Google asserts that this app has been introduced to get kids engaged in developing and making products at an early age.

The app also pairs with Arduino devices to gather more in-depth data. Google has partnered with Exploratorium, a public learning laboratory in California, to launch a few lab kits as well. These kits contain sensors and other materials that can be connected to the smartphone for conducting experiments alongside Science Journal app.
This is the third app Google has launched this month, with Allo and Duo unveiled at I/O last week. Allo and Duo are chat apps that are set to compete with the likes of WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat, Viber and more. The company claims that the two chat apps with arrive to Google Play and the App Store sometime between June to September.