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Google Play services icons get a major makeover


Google has updated the icon designs for all of its ‘Play’ branded apps. The new icons show off the play symbol (often used in media controls) and mixes them with the currently available line up of icons from its Play services. The news comes from the official Google Android blog and the changes will begin to show up on Android devices in the coming weeks.

The current list of changes come to the Google Play icon, the Google Play Store icon and these are followed by some heavily modified versions of the current Play services like Play Movies and TV, Play Music, Play Games, Play Books and the Play Newstand.

Looking at the new changes from the image above, we can tell that users will have a hard time finding the ‘Play Music’ icon as it gets a complete revamp and moves past the old headset icon.

“You’ll start to see the new Google Play icons across devices and online in the coming weeks. We hope you’ll continue enjoying the Play family of products—now with a new look” says Jonathan Chung, Visual Design Lead, Google Play.

Certainly, the new Play button-oriented design adds a bit of uniformity and consistency when it comes to Google’s Play services so they can now be instantly recognizable no matter where you come across them.

Indeed these could be the shape of things to come in Google’s Android N update, the Preview of which was out a bit too early this year. We could expect similar iconography on Nexus devices for Google’s default apps like Messenger, the Contacts and Dialer apps, etc. Moreover, this could move on to other services like Gmail as well as this will help them give all of them a uniform look.