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Google ‘Play Instant’ for Android is here and it lets you try apps without installing them


Google has announced ‘Google Play Instant’, a new and faster way for users to try out new games and apps for Android.

This allows users to discover new apps and games without the need to install or download them. Instead, the users simply tap to experience any given app or game. This new experience will be available as part of the Play Store.

The company has also launched a new version of Google Play Games with a new ‘Arcade’ tab. This new tab is meant to help users discover new games. The tab will include game trailers and lists top games as well as new games or lists based on the genre of a game. Google will also show news and YouTube videos related to the games that a user likes to help them as well as the latest announcements by game developers.

The new Google Play Games app will tie in together with Google Play Instant to provide a seamless experience to try new apps before installing or purchasing a game. The instant experience is not limited to the new Games app or Play store and extends to any game links that are shared. The company has also created an ‘Instant Gameplay collection’ where users can check the ‘Google Play Instant’ experience at the time of writing.

We think that it is a great program that can result in helping users save significant data costs as they will not have to download the entire game only to find that it does not meet their expectation. This is also likely to give a boost to the quality games and apps as users should find it easier to judge the quality of the experience.