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Google Pixel XL 2 Will Be Manufactured by LG, New Leak Suggests


While it was assumed until now that HTC, which made Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones last year, will also be making the second-generation of these phones, new information that has come to light, contradicts this. As per freshly leaked information, LG will be manufacturing the successor to Pixel XL, aka Google Pixel XL 2.

9To5Google has discovered a bug entry, made by an LG employee earlier this year, in Android Issue Tracker was recently asked to be closed by a Google employee and moved into a section dedicated to the device codenamed ‘Taimen’, which turned out to be a subsection under LG Electronics. While ‘Taimen’ was earlier expected to be one of the three Pixel smartphones that will be launched this year, a report recently suggested that the Pixel device codenamed ‘Muskie’ has now been shelved and instead Taimen will be the direct successor to Pixel XL.

This new information indicates that LG might be involved in the manufacturing process of Pixel XL 2. If this was not enough, Android Police’s sources separately confirmed that LG will be manufacturing the Pixel XL 2.

While HTC is still being assumed to be the manufactures for the smaller Google Pixel 2 smartphone, the reason for switching from HTC to LG for manufacturing of Pixel XL 2 are still unclear. While the shipping delays faced by the original Pixel smartphones might be one of the issues for the switch, 9To5Google also refers to earlier reports that said Google has made an investment in LG for flexible OLED displays for its next phone.

It seems very likely from this new information that we might end up getting two different designs on Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2, which might remind you of Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P situation. To recall, LG was reportedly among the companies that were seeking the production contract for Google Pixel 3. Other companies that were allegedly contesting for this contract were HTC, TCL, and Coolpad