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Google Photos Not Displaying Recent Backups on the Web for Some Users


An annoying bug is affecting some users of Google Photos, misplacing images stored in the cloud for some users. The glitch, about which Google has already been informed, interestingly affects only the Web version of the photo-storing service as Google Photos apps on Android and iOS are still showing the backups of all the photos stored.

As first spotted by folks at Android Police, users have reached out the the company on Google product forums to report the issue. The first reports emerged on October 14 and has so far affected a number of Android users who regularly upload their images on Google Photos. “I have the Google Photos app on my Android phone (LG G6) that backs up the pics to Google Photos. Since October 14, it has not been showing the photos on Google Photos Web app (https://photos.google.com),” one of the users wrote in the product forums while elaborating on the issue.

Google hasn’t yet responded to any of the forum posts. However, some “Top Contributors” have informed the company to fix the issue. “So far, there are no known fixes, so we’ll have to wait for Google to work on the issue,” Paolo Amoroso, one of the “Top Contributors” on Google forums, stated in response to the issue reported recently.

You can check the existence of the latest Google Photos bug by uploading an image from your mobile device. If it goes live on the Web version of Google Photos, you don’t need to participate in the ongoing discussion. But if the uploaded image is not available online, you need to use a Google Photos mobile app to see it.

Despite the unavailability of the backed up images on the website, the content is well present in the Google Photos app as well as in Google Drive. But, as Ryne Hager of Android Police notes, sharing the stored photos through a link has become invalid due to the bug.

The issue appeared to have a widespread impact. Nevertheless, it is not affecting each and every single Google Photos user.

As of May this year, Google Photos has been offering a space for photo sharing and storing to over 500 million users worldwide. The service competes against Apple’s iCloud Photos, Yahoo’s Flickr and Dropbox. Earlier this month, the Google Photos app for Android received an update that improved the experience with a faster sharing option for video content. The app version 3.6 uploads a low-resolution copy of the uploaded videos to speeds up the sharing process.