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Google Photos Gets Cache Feature to Replay Videos Without Using Additional Data


Google Photos is already a very handy app but the latest update to the app has now added an extremely useful feature to the mix. The latest update to the Google Photos app for Android brings along a new cache feature to the app that essentially allows users to replay videos without using additional data.

In order to enable this new feature, the Google Photos app will essentially be locally storing cache data of videos viewed by user, preventing them from wasting additional data to watch the same videos again. However, clearing up cache to free up some storage is always an option for those who already have their devices filled up with other applications and files.

Considering that this feature would help you save data just by utilising your local storage, it will likely prove to be useful for most Google Photos users. Apart from this feature, the company also says that the latest update brings along performance improvements to the Android app. The update is already available on Google Play and can be downloaded right away.

To recall, the search giant was reported to have removed its limit of 2,000 photos, which was earlier applicable to the albums within the app. A Redditor was reported to have discovered that more than 2,000 photos could be added to single album. In fact, it was claimed that more than 3,300 photos were already added to a single shared album. Moreover, this was found to be working for both standard and shared albums.