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Google Pay Gets Peer-to-Peer Payments, Lets You Save Concert Tickets and Boarding Passes


Google has integrated its peer-to-peer payments service Google Pay Send into its digital payments solution Google Pay to make the latter a one-stop destination to send and ask for money. Along with this, the search engine giant has also included other features in its payments solution, including support for mobile ticketing for travel, movies and concerts, just like Apple Pay, letting you store your tickets and passes.

“Once your tickets are saved, you’ll find them with your loyalty cards, gift cards and offers on the Android app’s new Passes tab. When it’s time for your event or flight, use your phone as your ticket-no printing required,” Gerardo Capiel, Director, Product Management and Consumer Payments, Google, wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

Google Pay would be in sync with the user’s Google Account to make updating payment information about cards and accounts quicker.

“Now that you can use Google Pay on desktop or on iOS, in stores or on transit, on your phone or with your Assistant, we’ve also made it easier to manage your payment info in the app or on the web at pay.google.com,” Capiel added.

The updated Google Pay is first rolling out in the US, followed by the UK. Earlier this year, Google combined a host of its own payment platforms to create Google Pay including apps like Android Pay and Google Wallet, aiming at a convenient and unified payments service for users.