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Google Now on Tap can translate any screen to a native language

While plenty may not have the time, to long press their home button (on supported devices) on the Android smartphones, Google’s now on Tap feature is indeed very useful for instant searches where users do not even need to type down the search term. Google is now going to make the service even more useful with the addition of instant translations.


You may remember a feature called Tap to Translate which was recently launched on Android. The feature allowed users to copy the text in a foreign language from almost anywhere and tap the Google Translate floating button to get a translation. Now on Tap’s new translation feature works in a similar manner, it’s just that it will translate any screen of foreign text into a native language.

Sound pretty cool? It sure is. What this means is that the minute you come across text on your device’s screen in a foreign language all you have to do is long press on the home button and the text on the screen gets translated to the native language. This new feature will work on devices that support Now on Tap (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) and will translate text from apps, the web browser and pretty much anything provided it can be displayed on your screen.

But wait, because there’s more. The new update also includes support for scanning barcodes, QR codes using your smartphone’s camera. Scanning a QR code of a product will show results for product reviews and more. There is now also a new ‘Discover’ button in the Now on Tap pop up menu that will deliver “a stream of visual content related to what’s on your screen”. These would include everything from YouTube video links, news articles and more.