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Google Maps Spotted With Quick Action Buttons for Home, Work Locations


Google Maps for Android has been spotted to have added quick access buttons to let you easily navigate to your home or work. All you need to tap one of the quick access buttons from the app’s home screen to navigate while on the go. The latest change comes a long time after the Maps app offered the option to set certain addresses as home and work locations and navigate to them after tapping the search bar. You can also alternatively ask Google Assistant to navigate to your home or work location. Having said that, the fresh development, which appears to be live for select Android users, is a welcome move as it makes navigation to preset places – at least to your home and office premises – easier than before.

As folks at Android Police reported, a Twitter user has spotted the new change in the Google Maps app. The screenshot posted by the user shows that instead of the home and work shortcuts that are presently available in the search menu, the newly designed quick action buttons exist on the home screen of Google Maps – right where the app shows you the map of your current location. However, it is unclear whether the buttons will replace the existing shortcuts as there isn’t any major reason for both options to coexist.

We weren’t able to spot the new buttons on the Google Maps app on any of our Android devices. However, considering the tweet showing the live screenshot, it is safe to presume that the new option is certainly being tested.

In March, Google Maps for Android was found to have added as many as 14 quick actions, including nearby food, malls, metro stations, and directions to home and work. Users can add up to four shortcuts from the given list and place them within the quick actions menu. That feature was reportedly live for select users in India.