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Google Maps Now Saves Your Route Preference When Searching Directions


Google Maps has introduced the ability to remember your preference while searching directions in-app. Many users prefer to avoid certain routes like the ones with tolls or highways, and the user earlier had to preset these preferences every time they searched for directions on Google Maps. However, Google now removes the need to feed preferences, and remembers them instead.

Android Police was the first to spot this feature, and once you set the preferences in Google Maps, you won’t have to do it again, no matter how many times you close the app or search for directions. That is, until you want your preferences to be changed. You can find these preferences in Route Options, which can be pulled up from the dotted bar on the top right of your screen, once you’ve started your route.

This ability of saving preferences between sessions was rolled out a few days ago, and users most probably should have it already. If you don’t, Google may be doing a phased rollout, and it could arrive on your app in a few days. This nifty feature solves the need to go set preferences for directions every time, and we recommend you try it. It has options like avoid motorways, avoid toll roads, and avoid ferries – all very important decisions on a journey. This feature is available to all Android and iOS users.

Google Maps recently also rolled out a new real-time location sharing feature to all of its Android and iOS users. This feature allows you to share your current location with people, which then enables them to track you real-time.