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Google Maps Now Lets You Save Your Parking Location


Google Maps has been adding features that let you easily navigate to places, and at times, reminds you about the place that may get closed by the time you reach. The app is now adding a new handy feature that will let you save parking location of your car. The new feature will let Google Maps for Android and iOS save parking location.

The new “save your parking” location feature was first rolled out to Google Maps beta users last month, and is now seeing a broader rollout.

On Android, Google Maps users can tap on the blue dot, and then tap Save your parking to add the parking location to the map. Once their parking location is saved, users will be able to see a label on the map identifying where the car was parked, and it also allows adding additional details like the level and car parked spot. Users can add the amount of time left before the meter expires, and set a reminder alert 15 minutes before it does. Additionally, users can save an image of the parking spot as well as send parking location to friends.

On iOS, the new Google Maps feature works in almost the same way. Users can tap on the blue dot and then tap on Set as parking location to add the parking spot to the map itself. “This is in addition to the automatic parking detection you might have already noticed in Google Maps for iOS. If you connect to your car using USB audio or Bluetooth, your parking spot will be automatically added to the map when you disconnect and exit the vehicle,” said Jeff Albertson, Product Manager, Google Maps in a blog post.