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Google Makes Online Checkouts Easier With ‘Pay With Google’


To boost online shopping, Google has launched Pay with Google – something it had unveiled back at I/O 2017. The new development eases checkouts by letting users make payments for their online shopping with a one-tap gesture. Developers need to add a few lines to their existing code to enable Google’s newest creation on their apps and websites.

Google uses the credentials of your credit or debit card that you’ve added from products like Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, or Android Pay to upgrade the traditional checkout process and make your purchases faster. Once you’ve granted the on-screen option by tapping the ‘Pay with Google’ button, Google sends your payment information and shipping address to the merchant using the details provided in your account. The merchant will then proceed with the shipment – without using any third-party payment bridge.

Places such as iFood in Brazil, Dice in the UK, and Kayak in the US have started supporting the new checkouts development. This list would be expanded with more supported places over time.

Developers have been provided with the Google Payments API to let them integrate the new development within their code. Google is also not charging any transaction fees at the initial stage. Moreover, there are payment providers to make the process even smoother and seamless for third-party apps and websites.

“Paying with Google makes checkout so fast and easy, you can make the most of every moment — whether you’re grabbing a dinner spot or a parking spot,” writes Pali Bhat, VP of Product Management, Payments at Google, in a blog post.

The latest development was originally showcased at Google I/O in June this year. It would make the competition tougher for mobile payment platforms, including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, that are competing against Google’s Android Pay and are aiming to improve the existing online shopping experience.