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Google Keyboard 5.1 gets theme support in Android N Developer Preview 3

Everyone who is excited about Android N has already flashed the latest release of the Android N Developer Preview 3 that has been available for download for almost a day. And similar to recently discovered Freeform Window mode, there is another goodie that users have come across and that would be theme support for included Google Keyboard app.


The Google Keyboard 5.1 app is indeed the default keyboard that comes with the new Developer Preview build. The main new addition here is themes and there’s plenty of them. From simple solid colours that go well with Google’s Material Design, to customisable themes that let you pick your favourite image as your keyboard background. There is indeed plenty to choose from.

Add to this support for the new emoji that David Burke talked about during the Keynote on Day one of Google I/O 2016. For once users will be able to actually use those emoji, provided your friend has the same ROM installed on his/her Nexus device as well.

The good bit is that users need not move to the Developer Preview in order to use the new themes. Android Police has the APK file that can be installed. But the website claims that only themes feature is accessible since the new emoji are not available on older versions of Android OS.