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Google Confirms Chrome OS Will Support Android Apps, Google Play


After a slip-up revealed all on the I/O 2016 schedule, Google has now made it official. Chrome OS users will be getting access to millions of Android apps and other content via Google Play.

The feature will first be rolled out in the Chrome OS v53 M53 developer channel for touch-enabled Chrome OS computers in early June, and should hit the stable channel by September. The Asus Chromebook Flip, Acer Chromebook R 11, and the latest Chromebook Pixel will be able to test this feature first, while the ones that don’t support touch will get it later in the year. For more clarity, Google has also listed all the other Chromebooks that will receive this feature later in 2016 here.

The access of Android apps means Chromebook users will be able to download apps and experience them on their devices. This means Chromebooks will have Microsoft Office, Skype, Games, Photo Editing apps – the entire deal.

Ars Technica sat down with the Chrome OS team to see how this integration will work. “The goal is an ‘It just works’ solution, with zero effort from developers required to get their Android app up and running. Notifications and in-line replies should all work. Android apps live in native Chrome OS windows, making them look like part of the OS. Chrome OS has picked up some Android tricks too-sharing and intent systems should work fine, even from one type of app or website to another,” the report reads.
The full -scale rollout is expected to happen sometime in September or October. Apart from the Chrome OS announcement, Google also unveiled Home, Instant Apps, Assistant, Allo and Duo apps, and even the Daydream VR project.