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Google Chrome Canary Build Gives a Look at Material Design Tweaks


Google has showcased its upcoming design for the Chrome browser. In the last few months, the tech giant has been releasing several small updates to the browser in the run-up to the launch of possibly its biggest redesign ever. Now, Google is now rolling out a brand new design for Chrome in the latest Canary Build. There are some big changes in Material Design, with tab shape, single tab mode, omnibox suggestion icons, and more new features. Also, you can try the latest features right now as the redesign is currently available on the Canary Build for Windows, Linux and Chrome OS.

As per a post by Chrome evangelist Francois Beaufort on Google+, the Google Chrome Canary update would come with changes like “tab shape, single tab mode, omnibox suggestion icons, tab strip colouring, pinned tabs, and alert indicators.” According to Beaufort, a lot of things have been updated and look better.

As per the image shared in the post shared by Beaufort, the tabs, address bar, and buttons look quite different now. Based on the Google Material Theme, the redesign appears to be similar to the one seen on Android P Beta and the recent Gmail redesign on the desktop.

The Google Chrome tab bar has many changes to offer. The tabs look different now, as they come with a less pronounced shape that blends with the tab bar. But that is only with one tab. When you open more tabs, you get a distinctive tab shape for each tab. Also, the tabs are now more rounded.

Under the tab bar, is the new Omnibox with rounded corners. Once you start typing, users will see a floating window instead of a drop-down menu. Also, the profile button is now next to the Omnibox and shows the user profile image.

It is worth noting that the design is currently under development, since it is only in the Canary Build. Google may make more changes once it hits the stable Build. However, you can download the Canary Build now to try out the latest design. Also, if you are a Mac user, you can try setting experimental flags chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md to “Refresh” and enable chrome://flags/#views-browser-windows. Type those two strings into the search bar at the top of your browser and you’ll be automatically redirected to the page where you can change the settings.