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Google Chrome 50 for Android Brings New Features, Fixes, Improvements


Google last week rolled out its Chrome 50 browser version for Windows, OS X, and Linux and now has finally started seeding the stable version to Android devices.

Although the official app listing on the Google Play says “Bug fixes and speedy performance improvements,” the browser version on Android additionally brings the ability to let you choose until when you want to delete your browsing history, reports Android Police. While the option until the v49 directly deleted all of the browsing data, now tapping on it opens another window giving all the usual options like before along with a new section in which you can choose until when you want to delete the history. Options now shown are past hour, past day, past week, last 4 weeks, and beginning of time.

The updated Chrome 50 app for Android is available to download from the Google Play. The app on iOS has not been updated yet.

Chrome 50 for Windows, OS X, and Linux last week brought a bunch of updates. The version updates the Push API to add push notifications payloads, which is meant to make notification deliveries more efficient by sending notification data simultaneously along with the message. For developers, the update will let them customise their notifications with buttons and time stamps. Sites can give users the silent, sound, and vibrating notifications.

Other new features in Chrome 50 include a declarative preload where site developers can let the browser know which resources are needed to properly display a page with the “link rel=’preload'” attribute, significantly reducing page load time.