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Google can now tell you when and where you were mentioned online


If you weren’t scared that Google knows too much about you, here’s yet another reason to be so. The company’s new ‘Stay In the Loop’ feature will notify you whenever you’re mentioned on the web, provided you’ve allowed Google Search to save your web and app activity. When you Google yourself, Search will now show a widget at the bottom of the page, which will help you set up a Google Alert to track whenever you’re mentioned anywhere online.

Just like regular Google Alerts, which have been around since 2003, you can set the frequency of the emails, their source type, region, languages and more. You can also choose the email address to send the Google Alert to. Clicking the Stay In The Loop widget takes you to the Google Alert settings page, where you can set preferences.

Google had earlier showcased the feature, in a blog post last month. It is reportedly live in India, although all users don’t seem to have access to it. The Stay In The Loop feature is a good example of how much data Google has on its users. The company gains this from its Android platform, along with others like Chrome, Gmail, and of course, Search.