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Google begins rollout of its video chat app ‘Duo’


Google’s new video chat app Duo was announced alongside messaging app Allo at Google I/O earlier this year. While both the apps did hit the Play Store moments after the unveiling, they were only available for pre-registration. The apps were said to start rolling by the end of summer and it seems that Google is right on track.

Duo is said to be available from today which should soon be followed by Allo in a couple of days. Now before you rush to open the Play Store let us tell you that the app is currently available in few regions only. We are expecting that Google will start rolling them soon.

For a quick refresh, Duo is a video chat client which connects to your phone number. This lets you chat with your contacts that have the Duo app be it Android or iOS. There is also an interesting feature called ‘Knock Knock’ that lets you preview what’s happening at the callers end, before you receive the video call. Of course it can be switched off in case you find it annoying. According to Google the app will be very well optimised making handling calls seamless and smooth no matter where you are calling from.