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Gmail Right-Click Menu Getting Useful New Options, Starting With G Suite Users


Google has, over the years, turned Gmail into an immensely powerful email tool that is among the most popular email clients in the world. While it started out a lot simpler, the company has continuously improved it to add more capabilities and features. The latest addition is changes to the right-click menu, which now brings more useful options to the mailbox. The feature will initially roll out for G Suite users, and could eventually make its way to regular Gmail users as well.

The new options will enable users to carry out various functions by just right clicking on an email or conversation. The options are slightly different depending on whether or not you have conversation mode on, but cover many key functions. These include replying, forwarding, searching for emails from the same sender or with the same subject, moving the email to a specific label, and opening the mail in a new window.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, all G Suite users will have access to the feature, according to a blog post by Google. The feature is likely to have fully rolled out to all users by February 25. There is no admin action necessary to activate the feature, which will be on by default. End users can use the feature by simply right clicking on a conversation or mail to get the new options.

As is usually the case with new Gmail features, this set will probably make its way to regular Gmail users in the coming weeks. It should help users save time and steps in acting on emails, which currently need you to find the right options through the Gmail UI. Google is also reportedly testing bringing certain ‘Inbox by Gmail’ features to the Android client, which will add further functionality to the popular email service.