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German Stollen Bread


German Stollen Bread is a classic yet soft buttery cake made with various nuts. The base flavour it carries is of rum, marzipan and cinnamon which in all is an exotic combination to have. People usually misunderstand this German specialty as a fruit cake, however, it is completely a different dessert. Feel its dense and soft texture as soon as you take its bite. The irresistible sweet aroma of this bread recipe will make you crave for more. You will be surprised to know that the baking process takes just 30 minutes, however, it takes from weeks to months to ferment the nuts and raisins in rum. The more you will ferment the nuts, the tastier your bread will be!

500 gm all purpose flour
10 gm dry yeast
25 gm soaked cranberries
25 gm mixed dry fruits
50 gm sugar
5 gm ground cinnamon
200 gm butter
1 teaspoon powdered sugar
200 ml boiling water
25 gm soaked raisins
25 gm lemon peel
30 ml black rum
10 gm salt
2 egg
150 gm marzipan

Step 1
Take a mixing bowl and soak mixed dry fruits, citrus peel, cranberries, raisins in dark rum and ground cinnamon for a month or 2 weeks at least. This will deeply infuse the the flavours of rum and cinnamon in the nuts, giving them a refreshing texture.

Step 2
Next, take a medium sized bowl and sugar into it. Then, add 150 grams butter out of the total mentioned quantity. Take care of the quantities and beat the mixture softly. After beating up the mixture for a while add eggs into it. Now beat the mixture well until smooth.

Step 3
Now, take water in a cup and heat it in oven for about 30 seconds until lukewarm. Then, add the mentioned quantity of yeast into it.

Step 4
To start with the preparation of dough, first, take a large sized bowl and add the yeast-water mix into it. Next add flour and salt. Also, add the rum soaked nuts and sugar-butter mix into it. After adding all the mentioned ingredients mix well and keep the dough aside for at least 15 minutes.

Step 5
After the dough has fermented well, take out small portions from it. Add marzipan in each portion and seal it.Now, roll and merge the small portions all together and create a bread loaf out of it. Keep this bread loaf dough aside for next 30 minutes so that the flavour of marzipan is infused in the dough completely.

Step 6
Now, preheat the OTG at 175° and then place the bread loaf into it. Bake it for 25 minutes.

Step 7
Once you are done with baking, let the bread cool down. Then, brush it with the remaining butter and sprinkle powdered sugar upon it. Next, slice the bread equally and serve.