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Gboard Brings Google Search to the iPhone Keyboard


Search giant Google has just released a rather useful keyboard app for its iOS fans. Called Gboard, the keyboard embeds Web search right into the typing interface making it easier for users to insert information, gifs, and emojis without leaving the conversation.

Gboard features a Google search icon on the top left of the keyboard screen. Once the G icon is pressed, users can search for addresses, flights, and even YouTube videos. Traditionally, one had to leave an app and open another app to search on Google for addresses, and then copy paste it into the conversation after finding the appropriate answer.

Google has aimed to make this experience easier and less cumbersome. As the search function is now in-built into the keyboard, the user will not have to leave IM apps like WhatsApp, Hangouts and even Slack to go and search for a link, image or a video outside of the app.

The most interesting thing is that even lets you search for emojis, just by typing into the search bar. The relevant emoji pops up as suggestion, and one can just send it without having to scroll through the numerous emojis to find the perfect one. It even lets you search for GIFs as well.
The keyboard also supports glide typing, which basically lets users type words by sliding your finger from key to key instead of tapping. The only drawback is that the app has only been released in the App Store for iPhone users in the US. There is no word on when the company plans to launch the app for Android users and other iPhone users globally.