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French Fries


French Fries or Finger Chips are deep fried potatoes hugely popular across the world. Though they trace their origin to Belgium, they came to be known as French Fries because US President Thomas Jefferson is said to have coined the term. His French chef prepared these crispy, crunchy fried potatoes that he so very much loved. French Fries are a staple across Europe and America. They are a part of the main meal and also are served as a snack with tea and coffee. In India, French Fries form an inalienable part of the fast food culture and are served with burgers, baked chicken, roasted fish, shrimp salad and other continental food. French Fries are loved by children and can be enjoyed with ketchup. Mostly these potato chips are served as plain salted. But sometimes they also have variants like Cheesy French Fries, Masala French Fries, Mayo French Fries and Sweet Chilli French Fries. In fact the Chinese Recipe Crispy Honey Chilli Potatoes are also made with French Fries as the base. Try out this simple and easy to make snack recipe. The kids at your home are surely gonna love this one!

400 gm potato
5 pinches salt
2 cup refined oil
3 pinches black pepper

For The Garnishing:
3 pinches black pepper

For The Main Dish:
2 cup refined oil

Step 1
The first important step in making French Fries is by rightly cutting the potatoes. They should neither be too thick, nor too thin and should be cut clean and sharp. The trick is to first slice the potatoes and then cut them lengthwise. You can also use a fries cutter for that long, even shape.

Step 2
Now wash the potatoes under running water till they are squeaky clean. Place them in a bowl of iced water for 10 to 15 minutes. Keep them submerged in water or they will turn black.

Step 3
Now heat the oil in a deep bottomed pan. Once the smoke starts appearing, reduce the flame and allow it to acquire a lower temperature. Now, deep fry the potatoes in batches. Keep the flame low. This will make them crunchy and also help retain their colour.

Step 4
Drain excess oil and place on an absorbent paper. Allow to cool. Now sprinkle salt and pepper and toss well. Serve immediately with ketchup. They can also be served with burgers and cutlets. They replace carbs in most continental meals. You can pack them for your kids lunch.