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Flipkart to Announce Exclusive Smartphone Brand, Smartphone, and Value Added Service on April 17


Flipkart on Sunday teased two new announcements expected on April 17 that are set to “disrupt the mobile phone landscape” as part of an exclusive partnership with a tech giant. While the company does not blatantly suggest which tech giant this will be, it does mention that the disruption will happen “in a BIG way”. From what past rumours suggest, this could be a partnership with Huawei to launch the latest P20 series, or a partnership with Lenovo-owned Motorola to announce the upcoming Moto G6 mid-range series, or both.

With the hashtag campaigns, #BigOnFlipkart and #OnlyOnFlipkart, the official landing page on Flipkart suggests the upcoming announcements will involve the launch of a Flipkart-exclusive smartphone, potentially, with a big display. With Huawei India teasing the launch of its flagship P20 series in India lately, this might be an exclusive launch of the same. This is because Huawei is a “tech giant” and all three variants in the P20 range have fairly large displays.

On the other hand, this could also be a teaser for the impending launch of the Moto G6 series. While the Moto G6 Play, Moto G6, and Moto G6 Plus haven’t yet been announced anywhere in the world, a Brazil launch is set for April 19. Lenovo could be looking to launch their next mid-range portfolio in India early considering the popularity of the Moto G series in the country.

The Flipkart landing page reveals that a new value added service will also be announced, taking the announcement tally to a total of 3. So, we shall have to wait till Tuesday to see what Flipkart has in store for its customers in terms of a Flipkart-exclusive smartphone, a Flipkart-exclusive brand, and the new value added service.