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Facebook unveils new tools for creating better 360-degree and VR content


Facebook has unveiled two powerful tools for content creators that will serve to further enhance analytics related to 360-degree and VR video.

Mark Zuckerberg has emphasised Facebook’s commitment to video in the past and the latest updates only seem to underscore that commitment. The tools, called User Guide and Heat Map are designed primarily to enhance user experience with 360 VR content and to give content creators greater information on the usage of their content, reports Business Insider.

User Guides will let creators direct user attention around a 360 degree video, VR or otherwise. Facebook’s reasoning is that many users might miss cues or entire portions of a 360-degree video simply because they didn’t notice some element. The guides will indicate default paths to follow, parts of the video that need to be clicked, etc.

Heat Maps will give content creators detailed information on how users are experiencing the 360-degree video. Analytics for viewing angles, most viewed segments, etc. will be provided. The creator can thus focus on enhancing the areas that make more sense, or even on redesigning a video for the best experience.

Facebook has been working hard to get creators to create more 360-degree and VR content, and tools like this will certainly help in enhancing such experiences.