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Facebook Now Lets You Choose ‘Initial’ View for 360 Photos


360-degree photos on Facebook are quickly becoming the new way to share an experience captured in stills with your family and friends. But capturing and uploading 360 photos can be a bit tedious and annoying, especially if the social media site chooses the initial viewing angle for you, which can make the scene look rather unattractive. Facebook has rolled out a small yet important update that will allow you to choose the angle of a 360 photo that you want your friends to see in their feed.

Earlier, if you uploaded a 360 photo, Facebook would randomly choose an angle as the ‘initial’ view, which might not show the most appealing aspect of the photo. But the new update now lets you choose the initial angle so that it is appeals to your friends who might then want to explore the photo further rather than simply ignore it and move on.

Choosing the initial angle can be done in two ways. You can either drag the photo around to find the most suitable angle before posting the image on iOS, Android, or the Web; or you can tap on the edit option from the desktop and move the mouse around until you reach the best view.

Along with this change, Facebook is also letting you add 360 photos to standard photo albums and 360 media alongside regular photos and videos. Facebook wants its 360-degree feature to feel organic to the site so that users can use it on an everyday basis.

The new update with initial view has begun rolling out while 360 photos in videos will be available in the coming weeks.

Facebook launched 360-degree photos in June. The feature essentially lets users convert a panoramic photo into a 360-degree view. The feature, much like 360-degree videos, is aimed at providing an immersive experience where viewers can choose the angle they wish to see by scrolling through the image or video. The photos and videos can also be seen on virtual reality compatible devices.