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Facebook Messenger’s new update adds animated reactions, live filters and more to video chat


Facebook’s newest update for its Messenger app is going to roll out with a new video chat feature which includes live filters, saving screenshots directly and animated reactions. With animated reactions, the five emoji reactions on Facebook — the smiling face, a surprised face, an angry face, a crying face and a heart — will be overlayed on the user’s face. This means that if you have chosen the crying emoji, then tears will start falling from your eyes while the heart creates a halo of exploding hearts around your head.

Also, Instagram like filters have also been introduced into the live-video chat alongside a piece of Snapchat’s augmented reality face filters, which were present previously, have also been released. Facebook is also adding an instant screenshot button, so that the users can save all the effects to the camera roll without ruining the shot with the Messenger interface. The new updates should be rolling out on all Apple and Android devices by 26 June, 2017.

This update comes when about a month back Instagram had taken a leaf out of Snapchat’ s book and introduced face filters to its own app. The options are an angelic wreath with God rays, koala ears and nose, geeky spectacles with floating equations, bunny ears, a circlet of flowers with fluttering butterflies, an icy crown, a tiara with purple feathers, and a beautification filter with sparkles.

Facebook has also planning to come out with a new app dedicated for creating Facebook videos. The app is believed to include exclusive tools such for Facebook live and the ability to add outros and intros. Moving over the lines of just creating a video, the upcoming app is also expected to have some analytical data which will let the user know more about who is watching the video and how. This is Facebook’s effort at pushing for the growth of videos as a popular medium for receiving information.