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Existence of Qualcomm Snapdragon 840, 845 and 855 spotted on LinkedIn


The current top-of-the-line chipset from Qualcomm is the Snapdragon 835 which is built on the 10 nm manufacturing process. While many expected Google to debut the 836 platform (which was a minor upgrade on the current SoC), there seemed to be a few problems, and as we know it, Google missed the opportunity.

ut while we still await the first smartphone to be announced with the 836, Qualcomm already seems to be working on it’s yet to be announced SoC, the Snapdragon 845.

The news comes from True-Tech that happened to stumble upon a LinkedIn profile of a senior staff engineer at Qualcomm. In the employee’s description openly mentions the existence of the Snapdragon 845 platform and even mentions the “10 nm/7 nm” manufacturing process used to produce the same.

Digging deeper, another profile on LinkedIn, brags about not just the existence of the Snapdragon 845, but an 840 and an 855 as well, under his skill set: “Exposure to various processors and controller architecture like Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, 840, 830, SDM660, SDM630, Freescale IMX6, TI’s DM36x, OMAP3, STM32F4xx”.

It is wise to note, that while the first one, appears to be taken down, the second one is still accessible. One can access these details on the public profile, without even logging into LinkedIn.

Whether genuine or not, Android fans can sure get excited and expected a big performance bump in the coming years.