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Evernote adds Google Drive integration to Android apps, web


The service has now introduced a small Google Drive icon alongside its other editing tools. Whilst making a note, one can easily insert a Google Drive file without leaving Evernote, by just clicking onto the icon.

Interestingly, any changes to files in Google Drive will dynamically sync and update in Evernote as well. The new feature also brings in the ability to search Google Drive files on Evernote as well, but only after you have brought it onto the note-taking platform.

Even though this is a great feature introduced by Evernote, for this integration to work, the user needs to remain online. The integration will not remain active when Evernote is used in offline mode. Evernote’s community manager Geoffrey Barry took to the company’s blog to explain, “While this is just the first step in our integration, it does require being online to work for both Evernote Web and Evernote Android. Content from Google Drive is not stored locally in your Evernote account, and does not count towards monthly upload. On Evernote Android links will still present cleanly and with a title while offline, but with text that says (for example): PDF: Not available offline. You may still see a thumbnail for images while offline, but those should disappear once the app is closed and reopened.”

This is not the first time Google Drive has decided to embed itself into third-party services. Earlier this year, WhatsApp and Yahoo Mail app also got the integration. In Yahoo Mail app, users could select files directly from Google Drive and send them to others without any added attachment process. Even in WhatsApp, users can now attach documents from Drive to their messages.
As of now, this integration has been made available only on Evernote’s beta version for Google Chrome and Android. However, Evernote asserts that it will make this integration available on other platforms soon.