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Essential, Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin’s Startup, Expected to Launch Bezel-Less Smartphone on May 30


Back in March this year, Android co-founder Andy Rubin shared a teaser image of an upcoming smartphone from his company, Essential, which featured a large edge-to-edge display. It seems like we might now be nearing the launch of the smartphone as Essential has announced that “something big” is coming our way next week.

In its announcement tweet on Thursday, Essential said, “We’re here to let you know something big is coming May 30th! Stay tuned…” This suggests that the company might finally unveil the phone on Tuesday. However, it would be a wise idea to hold the horses as of now because the company has not explicitly mentioned it as a launch date. Essential can possibly choose to make some announcement regarding the specifications on the phone next week.

Interestingly enough, the company followed its aforementioned tweet with another post on the website to hold people over till next week. This time around, Essential posted an image with just the outline of the phone but interestingly, the phone appeared to have some spherical extension on top of the display. On tweaking the image a little, CNBC Technology Product Editor Todd Haselton found that the extension looks like a spherical lens of a camera on the smartphone.