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Crumb Fried Mozzarella


Crumb Fried Mozzarella is a delectable snack recipe prepared in French cuisine. These triangular shaped mozzarella sticks tastes as scrumptious as they look. This snack recipe would be loved by the people of all age groups and especially kids. You can serve it with zesty tomato sauce or any dip of your liking. The cheesy and creamy taste of this dish along with the crunchy texture of outside layering of bread crumbs, makes this snack recipe even more delicious and appetizing. You must try cooking this finger food recipe at home as it is easy-to-make and does not even takes that much of your time. So, don’t sit at home and and try this yummy dish.

800 gm mozzarella
salt as required
1 1/2 cup refined oil
400 gm bread crumbs
200 gm all purpose flour
water as required

Step 1
To start with, take a bowl and combine water and all purpose flour with salt to taste. Make a smooth batter and keep aside.

Step 2
Now, take mozzarella cheese and cut it into the shape of triangle. Cut as many portions you want. Brush the mozzarella portions with some dry all purpose flour and then dip in the batter (see step 1).

Step 3
Take bread crumbs in a bowl and coat all the mozzarella triangles in it. Transfer all the coated mozzarella sticks in a bowl and refrigerate for at least half an hour.

Step 4
Now, take a deep-bottomed non-stick pan and heat oil in it. Then, deep fry all the mozzarella triangles till golden brown in colour and when done, place on a wire rack. Serve this yummy appetizer with a dip of your choice.