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Cocoa Ravioli


Chocolate is probably one of mankind’s best inventions and all the sweet toothed people would testify to this fact. For all such chocolate enthusiasts, we have this wonderful Cocoa Ravioli recipe which is bound to make anyone fall in love with itself. With a generous helping of cocoa, a scrumptious filling of apricots and feta cheese along with a drizzle of sauce made in chocolate and double cream this continental dessert is the perfect comfort food.

1 cup cocoa powder
4 egg
20 gm apricots
50 gm cheese- feta
1 teaspoon basil
6 scoop vanilla ice-cream
2 cup wheat flour
20 ml virgin olive oil
10 gm pine nuts
20 gm sun dried tomatoes
300 ml heavy cream
1/2 cup mascarpone cheese

For Garnishing:
2 teaspoon chocolate sauce

Step 1
In a large bowl, mix the wheat flour, cocoa, and olive oil uniformly. Beat the eggs in a separate container, and add them to the mixture. Mix well, and when the consistency is suitable, knead the entire batter into a tight dough. Keep it in a cool place for a while, and then roll it into thin sheets with a rolling pin.

Step 2
For the stuffing, first chop the apricots and sun-dried tomatoes and combine them with toasted pine-nuts, feta cheese and basil julienne. Place this mixture into the rolled-out sheets, stuff them adequately, and make ravioli of desired shapes. Then, blanch the ravioli pasta, cover it and keep it aside.

Step 3
For preparing the sauce, first heat double cream and mix it with the chocolate sauce. Drop the ravioli in the pan and cook till it softens. Drain out the excess liquid out of pan, and add mascarpone cheese to the ravioli. Adjust the seasoning and serve instantly with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.